Sage: A Man's Guide Into His Second Passage

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The time comes for every man where he realizes the morning of his life will soon turn towards afternoon. There is just as much behind as there is ahead, and the passage into a new season is about to begin.

But many men have little sense of what this new season could or should entail, and we struggle knowing how to navigate it. We lack a vision for what it means to become a godly "Sage."  

To truly become a Sage, we must go deeper and in reverse to recover those parts of us we exiled, forgot, lost, or never fully knew. Men who successfully navigate midlife emerge with a vision for who God originally made them to be. But men who go on living their lives without an awareness of their own deep need for this intentional work simply grow old, believing their best years are behind them rather than ahead. To become a Sage is the pinnacle of manhood, and yet the vast majority of men settle for a too-small story as they pass the midlife mark. This passage into the second half is God's invitation to His bigger story.


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Praise for Sage 


VP Wild at Heart, Author

"Curated with clarity and care, brimming with authentic stories of masculine initiation, and girded by courageous self-disclosure from Chris’s own journey, Sage offers a trustworthy, God-shaped, timely message for men who deeply desire to experience the full-portion of masculine maturity, build an enduring legacy in the second half of life, and finish well.” 


Co-Founder The Allender Center, Author

"Most people either fail to dream of being a Sage or assume it is beyond the grasp of mere mortals. Chris Bruno, a wise, kind, and humble man, has invited us to walk with wisdom as we return to our younger selves, blessing the hardships and losses that have formed us as men. Chris offers a North Star vision of how a man becomes a Sage. You will find this brilliant book a trustworthy compass to guide you through the wilds of aging."

About the Author

Chris Bruno is the Co-Founder and CEO of Restoration Project, and Founder of ReStory® Counseling, devoting his life to helping people come alive. He is the author of "Man Maker Project" and "Brotherhood Primer," and a licensed professional counselor. He has decades of experience helping men recover their hearts.

Married for 27 years to his wife, Beth, they have three mostly adult children and find ways to play outdoors in the Colorado mountains or overseas whenever possible. 

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