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You want to be a good dad.
But fathering often feels like a dumpster fire. Especially when you don't know what to do. 

That's why each month No Regrets dads receive the following resources to fuel their fathering:


Experience Blueprints

Practical, plug and play experiences for you to connect with your kids

Fathering Tools

These are specific PDF's to give you insight for specific issues (when my kids says I hate you)

Private Podcasts

Fuel your fathering with further conversation on that month's blueprint and toolbox resource


Dr. Dan Allender

Professor, Counselor, and Author of Healing the Wounded Heart

John Eldredge

Author and Founder of Wild at Heart

Morgan Snyder

Author of Becoming A King and founder of Becoming Good Soil

Stephen James

Author of Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

Sam Jolman

Writer, Counselor, and Speaker

And more expert interviews to come alongside your fathering...

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Per Month

Get weekly content in addition to:

  • Digital Downloads for practical dad issues
  • Watch at your own pace videos
  • Focused help to deepen your relationship with your kids
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Fathering Toolbox

Help for real issues - like erections, periods, and when your kid says they hate you

Experience Blueprints

Plug and play guides to connect with your kids while developing their character

Private Podcasts

An unfiltered look at the fathering journey. Previous episodes include:

  • 4 Words Dads Say That Don't work
  • Courage - Why We Get it Wrong With our Kids 
  • Tweens & Puberty - How Not To Bomb It As  A Dad
  • And more!

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Jeremiah Callihan

"I love the coaching I get from No Regrets. It's more than amazing content, it's an online community of real life support that helps me win at being a dad every week."

Gisle Sorli

"I've had little guidance how to make men out of my three sons. No Regrets has provided a learning path for my fathering journey and surrounded me me with a fellowship of men on the same journey."

How are we different?

Intentional fathering requires 3 things: right thinking, right action, and community. Remove right thinking and you have no structure to understand and engage important issues. Remove right action and you eliminate actual connection with your kids. Take away community and the entire burden of raising your kids falls on your shoulders. 

No Regrets is different because it provides you with all 3: right thinking, right action, and community.


This is for dads who...

  • Want a focus on awakening the image of God in your child. We are not into behavior management, but glory exploration.
  • Need a community of dads to walk alongside you. Don't father alone.
  • Value Biblically based content tailored to your child's age and gender.
  • Desire process that reveals and affirms your unique role and ability as a dad. You got this!
  • Are looking for pathway for your own healing as you seek to father your children. 

If that's you, you've come to the right place.

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