Stories from the journey of fatherhood & brotherhood
Dad's Guide to a Meaningful Christmas advent fatherhood parenting shared experience Dec 04, 2020

What if you could craft meaningful time with your kids this Christmas? What if you could create memories you'd return to year after year, that wouldn't blur together with all of the season's busyness and excitement? 

Learn 4 practical ways to craft meaningful time with your kids this Christmas. 

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Why I Hate Christmas Carols advent carols christmas love Dec 18, 2019

I really and truly despise most Christmas songs. Seriously.   

I know that makes me sound like a grinch, and in many respects I suppose I might be. This year, even before Thanksgiving rolled around, my family started playing Christmas music and I thought I would lose my mind.   

The Christmas season is full of tradition, from family gatherings to Christmas cookies, from decades-old decorations to familiar smells coming from the kitchen. There is something deeply...

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