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A Video Message from Chris Bruno

brotherhood coronavirus fatherhood Mar 21, 2020

I never expected 2020 to take this kind of turn.

As the dominoes have fallen over the last several weeks, I've found myself sitting back and wondering, "What is this going to require of me?"

Guys, if you are anything like me, this whole Corona virus situation has taken you by surprise. None of us saw this coming, and maybe the hardest part of it is that there is no playbook, no roadmap, and no one to ask, "What should I do?" I go back and forth between powering up to regain control and powering down to hunker in and hide away and put my head in the sand. If you are like me, you are thinking about your family’s health and safety, your parents, your business, your ministry, your retirement, and your sanity in the midst of it all.

I do know one thing, though. And that is this...when good Godly men rise, lean in, show up, and offer their strength and tenderness to the world, things change. It's been the bedrock belief of Restoration Project from the beginning, and I believe it even more solidly today.

Your fathering, your husbanding, your brothering are all going to be more challenged now more than ever. The enemy wants nothing more than men to devolve into cowardice or violence. But, I know each one of you has the God-given strength to be THAT MAN who shows up.

You don't have to know what TO DO to be a strong man. To be strong is less about what you DO, and far more about who you ARE in the midst of challenge. To be strong means to be present, be willing to make decisions, offer comfort, and ground yourself in the Father so you can father your world.

Let's band together as Restoration men so that years from now when we look back on this season and generations to come look at this time in history they will see what happens when good men rise.

God bless you men! What a privilege it is to be in this with you. Thank you.

Chris Bruno
Restoration Project Founder and CEO



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