Prayer For Surprise On Easter Morning

easter prayer surprise

We wake this morning, often unsurprised 
The scandal of conquered death
Now replaced with familiar expectation.
He is risen indeed
        words more worn than new,
        like crumbles of day old bread. 
Gift us humility to be surprised
That the story we know is still being written.

Our waiting has been fickle 
We’ve lingered at certain tombs, like the women, 
        visiting them while dark, 
        beckoning your presence, 
        longing for the stone to be rolled away 
And we’ve left others, like the disciples
        some too small or too large, 
        too long ago or too recent
        to risk disappointment and hope. 

On this day of resurrection, 
Renew us with young hope
That we might look for you, again,
        Waiting as a gardener
        At tombs we pace each day
        And those we’ve left for years. 

Gift us humility to be surprised
        that we might we might hear you call our name
        that we might see you risen, again.


Jesse French
Restoration Project Executive Director

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