Liturgy for December 26th

advent christmas

Living God who was born in a stable,
it seems this unspectacular and routine day
might be closer to the day of your birth 
than the build-up and shimmer of yesterday.

Anticipation’s pulse has lightened. 
The to-do list is silent. 

And we’re left in tired wonder.

We consider yesterday’s fullness:

the food we savored 
the delighted shrieks and surprised smiles
the nurture of thoughtful conversation
the ways we may have been missed. 

We remember your birth was an entrance into our daily life,
into the very paradox that yesterday highlights. 
Where we have generously received, yet continue to need.

For yesterday’s undeserved nourishment - thank you.
For yesterday’s unmet need - we ask your provision. 

May your withness continue to grow our gratitude and our request.

After yesterday’s flurry of gifts
We ask for grace to receive today’s hiding, yet needed gift -

a day of rest, after a bustling month
a day of unproductivity, after weeks of hustle
a day free of posturing into our familiar, and at times ill-fitting roles
a day where your presence might again surprise in the margins beyond assumptions 

In today’s manger, bare of expectation, may you be born again.


Jesse French
Restoration Project Executive Director

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